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5 Simple Tips: Restyle Your Space For Free!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I did a little rearranging of what we affectionately refer to as our "Bourbon + Beats" room. A fancy name for a fancy space where we listen to records and drink cocktails; seems appropriate right?

Below, is our blue velvet sofa which serves as my reading couch. Well, let's be serious my Instagram couch and my cocktail sipping couch. It's really a multi-purpose couch.

I moved these great terracotta pillows out of our master bedroom and I am loving how this color plays off of the planter next to it!

I also revamped my bookshelf with some simple restyling tricks. While I have a superhuman ability to rationalize a new purchase (thank you Mom) I did not feel the need to put those powers to work for this cozy corner so I... wait for it... used items I already HAVE! A novel concept, I KNOW!

See below for 5 simple styling tips you can use to give your space a FREE refresh:

  1. Replace photos in picture frames to more recent snapshots.

  2. Shift around greenery that you already have. Maybe move a plant that isn't getting enough exposure or airtime.

  3. Change out your planters. I swapped mine out for solid white that I had used for a front porch project a while ago.

  4. Move furniture around! I relocated my ottoman from my office to add some texture to the space.

  5. Bring in a new pillow from another spot in your home. I pulled this cover out from my pillow archive. Don't act surprised, of course I've got an archive.



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