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Hello Lover: Valentines Day Gift Guide!

Updated: Mar 1

My favorite kind of gift is one that is:

To: Me

From: Me

It's Hallmark Holiday season and why not use this month as an excuse to give yourself the gift of some #selflove?

I pulled together some of my favorite items that are new at retail and are gifts I'm #currentlycoveting. I thought I'd share in case you are also in need of some inspiration to pass along to your significant other, a family member or are in the mood to spend some of your hard earned money on yourself. Girl, you deserve it.

Without further ado, here she is in all her neutral glory. Happy shopping ya'll!!!

1. joggers / 2. sneakers / 3. clutch / 4. necklace / 5. love bracelet / 6. earrings / 7. gold bracelet / 8. sweater / 9. hand / 10. book / 11. cutting board / 12. florals / 13. vase / 14. glassware / 15. napkins



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