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Here Comes the Sun: June Mood Board

If JUNE were a mood it would look like this (or at least it looks like this in my head). It's finally SUMMER and I'm chasing sunshine every chance I get.

This month I’ll be:

• Chasing the ☀️

• Picking up 🌻 at the farmers market

• Drinking Limoncello Spritz’s 🍋

• Spending Saturdays poolside ⛱️

and all this yellow has me coveting some new items to go along with my summer mood, links below for those of you also chasing some extra rays this month!

Checkered Towels / Glassware / Earrings / Sunglasses / Dinnerware / Checkered Pillow / Midi Dress / Crossbody Bag / Serum / Blush Stick / Ring / Straw Hat / Checkered Vase / Slides



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