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Hey, it's me!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Hi! After a long hiatus (ahem 9+ months but who's counting?) I am back. It's time for this new mama to do something fun for herself!

Follow along as I decorate (and redecorate) our sweet NoDA bungalow starting with Baby Boy's nursery at!

Below is a sneak peek of our newborn photo session turned gallery wall!

Here's 5 quick and easy pro tips to create your own gallery wall at home:

  1. Lay out prints digitally first on your computer, like I did above!

  2. One you get the digital layout right, print photos and get them delivered right to your door from here

  3. Go for a Black & White filter to give your gallery wall an art like affect

  4. Don't invest in pricey frames, I like these from amazon

  5. Use painters tape instead instead of pen/pencil to mark where each frame should be hung on the wall.

Stay tuned for details on my design process for our nursery and for pro tips on how to create the look for less for your own home!



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