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The Studio: My #WFH Setup

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

When you work from home in a small bungalow in Charlotte the only solution to carving out more space is to build yourself an outdoor office.

Last summer, I took on my biggest #taystefulhome project yet and built an 120 square foot oasis that sits just outside my back door. I affectionally refer to it as; The Studio. Below is the finished result!

My scrap metal garden (I don't like real plants, unless they're cacti) was sourced and collected overtime from Frontier Town in Carefree, Arizona. That blurry little bit of white fluff above is one of my favorite co-workers, Chardonnay. I spend more time here than anywhere else in my home (at least from 9-5pm).

I have filled the space with things that bring me joy while I'm hustling' for 45+ hours a week. The art below says "somewhere over the rainbow" in homage to my Great Great Aunt who was Auntie Em in the Wizard of Oz (for real) and the dried flowers are from Baby Boy's shower.

For more details on how I built my studio in under three months check out my other post and click here to shop it!



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