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Throw Pillows: A tutorial on styling

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I once read that throw pillows are the stuffed animals of grown women and I felt really seen in that moment.

I have a few home décor addictions but throw pillows by far and away is my biggest addiction. The limit truly does not exist.

A new throw pillow cover can change the whole mood of your space in an instant; and the investment needed is minimal. That's a win in my book.

Aside from the cover itself there are few musts when styling your bed or your sofa:

  1. Always buy a down feather fill insert (can be alternative) the fiber fill just doesn't cut it. I like these from amazon.

  2. Size up! For example, if you purchase a 20x20 cover your insert should be 22x22. I recently picked this 24x24 and this 20x20 cover out for a client and love how they turned out. Pillow envy is a real thing people.

  3. Karate chop those bad boys for a more lived in look (look at those chops on the left!)

  4. Placement and size matter - Always place bigger pillows behind smaller pillows and aim for uneven numbers.

To create your own boho blue throw pillow moment head on over to my shop on amazon!

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases #founditonamazon



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