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On a Mission: Neutral Baby Décor

Updated: Jan 17

My little man turns eight months old this week 😭. Where does the time go? People informed me of a lot of not so fun things while I was pregnant but no one told me that when you become a mother that days legit evaporate into thin air - I am displeased.

While reflecting back on the past 8 months I realized three things:

  1. I have spent 17 months in total focused on one décor mission; to maintain my neutral aesthetic. I have to say, I think I've succeeded thus far.

  2. When you become a mother it does not mean that you are no longer YOU. For me, that means: my house is still neat as a pin and there is little to no color to be found.

  3. While my aesthetic hasn't shifted our home and the family within it has and my heart is so much more full.


For those of you on the hunt for neutral baby décor check out some of my favorite finds on my shop on amazon!

If you want to learn and read more about baby boy's desert nursery head on over to The Charlotte Parent for the FULL ARTICLE!!!

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases #founditonamazon



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