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Setting the Mood: My Holiday Tablescape

I'm setting the mood for a weekend soirée before I officially switch gears into full blown holiday mode - my table setting for our adults only dinner party is below. If this doesn't set the tone for a fun evening, I don't know what will!

Naturally, setting the table got me thinking about the Holiday season and Thanksgiving in particular. My husband and I host at our house every year, we're going on year SEVEN! As such; we take décor, menu planning and themed cocktails very seriously. Here's is our tentative menu for the big day!

I thought I would share what I've got planned for my holiday table too so that you can follow along as I bring my own vision to life! My favorite Silverstein tradition that we've implemented is #8; thankful cards. Every year, each person gets to reflect on and write down the things that they are most thankful for to share with the table before we dig into to all the food painstakingly prepared by Chef E.

Stay tuned at the end of the month to see how the final dinner turns out - links to our recipes and a how to guide on how to make Tay's Apple Bourbon Bev will be included too!



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